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Ercolaw is a Law Office domiciled in the south of Jakarta with a range of practices throughout Indonesia, established in 2011 by some experienced law practitioners.

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Ercolaw and expatriate lawyers are respected throughout the industry for their expertise, insight and commitment to meet the needs of clients.

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Ercolaw expertise embraces all essential areas of the law and has been honed over 9 years of meeting the legal needs of our clients.

Ercolaw is a law office domiciled in south Jakarta with a range of practices covering all of Indonesia

Our partners and associates are determined to provide professional legal services through the process of handling cases efficiently, effectively and accurately. Our jurisdiction covers almost every area of ​​the law, in which case we divide into three major groups: Corporate and Commercial Law Services, Corporate Litigation, and Alternative Dispute Settlement.


Since its establishment until now, ercolaw has been actively participating in providing legal services to domestic and foreign clients, including private companies and public institutions. Law Office we dedicate ourselves to provide excellent quality Legal Services to all clients. By always upholding solid teamwork, ensuring every material and legal aspect of each case is being addressed, and always striving to offer the best Legal Steps to clients.

Partner & Lawyers

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DELAY PESAWAT DAN UPAYA HUKUM YANG DAPAT DIAMBIL Kamis, 30/08/2012. Medan, Puluhan calon penumpang maskapai Batavia Air marah karena pesawat molor berangkat hampir 4 jam dari Bandara Polonia, Medan, Sumatera Utara (Sumut). Calon penumpang tidak mendapat keterangan


  Pertimbangan Berdasarkan pertimbangan Undang-Undang Nomor 2 Tahun 2012 Tentang Pengadaan Tanah Bagi Pembangunan Untuk Kepentingan Umum (selanjutnya disebut “UU Pengadaan Tanah”), Pengadaan Tanah Bagi Pembangunan Untuk Kepentingan Umum ditujukan

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