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Erlangga Kurniawan S.H., M..H., C.L.I is the founder and Managing Partner of Ercolaw Law Office. he is an experienced advocate in handling several cases of public interest, he actively contributed to seminars and training by completing several training events organized by the Indonesian Law Student Association (PERMAHI), and he is currently active in the Association of Indonesian Law Scholars (ISHI) as the Central Executive of the Ministry of Education and Training and active as a Liquidator at the Indonesian Liquidation Profession Association (PPLI) as a member of the Education and Training department.

He has been active in the legal field since becoming a Law Student by joining the Legal Consultation and Aid Institute of the Indonesian Legal Student Association (LKBH PERMAHI) in 2005-2006 as an assistant Public Attorney, then in 2006-2007 he served as deputy director LKBH PERMAHI. then he started his professional career by joining the Professional Law Offices Chairil Syah & Partners in 2008.

Erlangga Kurniawan is a registered Advocate of the Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi) and the Indonesian Advocates Congress (KAI). earned his Master of Business Law degree in Business Law Master's Program at Pancasila University in 2017. As an Advocate, he concentrated on the aspects of General Corporate Law, Business Competition and Anti-Monopoly, (Joint Venture), including Corporate Criminal and Business Disputes in civil area.